Neil Batlivala

Software Engineer at Forward, Inc.

50% thrill seeker. 40% dad jokes. 15% math.
My passions are machine learning, healthcare, and teaching what I know. Since graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in CS, I have moved to San Francisco and work at Forward, a tech driven primary care clinic. I grew up all over the world, have worked at a variety of startups, and learned to cook a mean egg-in-the-middle.  I also lead machine learning research with a team at UCSF medical center to build a diagnostic tool for pneumonia. 

Avesh Singh

Software Engineer at Cardiogram

Avesh graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS and MS in Computer Science. He spent two years at Google working on Search Quality (the order the search results show up in), then jumped ship to join Cardiogram, where he trains machine learning models to detect heart conditions using wearables like the Apple Watch. Outside of work, Avesh is an avid runner, and spends his weekends trail running and backpacking around Northern California. He enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and is trying, but consistently failing, to grow an herb garden.